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Horton’s Kids

Horton’s Kids’ mission is to educate and empower the children of Washington, DC’s Ward 8 by providing comprehensive, direct services which improve the quality of their daily lives and nurture their desire and ability to succeed.

From intensive tutoring sessions to healthy meals, our wrap-around programs strive to meet the children’s varied academic, social, and emotional needs. Hundreds of enthusiastic volunteers and generous donors make these programs possible.

Horton’s Kids’ reputation for operating with integrity and respect has gained the trust of neighborhood families, and we collaborate with parents to ensure that each child has the resources needed to succeed.

St. Anthony's

The mission of St. Anthony Catholic School is to prepare its students for lives of service and leadership rooted in the Catholic values of faith, hope, and acceptance.

Washington Jesuit Academy

Our Mission is to educate academically talented adolescent boys from low-income families, regardless of religious denomination, providing for them a disciplined, rigorous learning environment.

The Goal of the Education is to prepare these boys to become "men for others" who, having gained confidence spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and physically will be able to succeed in a college preparatory high school on their way to becoming leaders in their communities.

Healthy Babies Project

For 20 years, Healthy Babies Project, Inc. (HBP) has connected high-risk, underserved pregnant D.C. women and families to health care, social services, and educational opportunities.

HBP’s one-on-one support to women means their babies have a greater chance of surviving and thriving – and recent statistics* prove it.

Each week, 203 women in the District of Columbia – including 24 teenagers – discover they are pregnant. they’re making a difference for economically disadvantaged families.

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