Our Mission

Hoops For Youth Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that supports at-risk kids in our communities.  
Hoops for Youth Foundation provides the most basic tools that young people need to help them play team sports and face the many challenges of growing up in communities plagued by poverty and crime.  Through our efforts we offer kids, who may not get the love and support they need at home, an opportunity to grow and develop in a safe environment.

Hoops for Hope was created in September 1999 with the mission of creating opportunities for at-risk kids through basketball.  Since this time our efforts and programs have grown and are no longer just about basketball, but much more. Our goals are to teach kids that the skills they use on the basketball court can be used in everyday life to help them succeed.

Basketball and other team sports provide an infrastructure where social skills can develop.  The kids we support through our charitable partners learn that the skills they develop playing basketball extend well beyond the court and are applicable to the challenges life throws at them.

Basketball encourages more than healthy competition; it helps erase racial and economic boundaries.  Basketball can unite kids from all backgrounds and communities. Moreover, the trust that develops between coaches/mentors and the kids provide an opportunity for discussion of the crucial issues that affect their every day lives.

Why Basketball?

From urban playgrounds in Washington, DC to the rural basketball courts of Kansas, basketball is played and loved.  Basketball helps break down racial and economic boundaries by bringing young kids together on a neutral court, where dedication and teamwork are the qualities that make one excel--not social standing or group affiliation.

Basketball’s secret weapon is the coach. A good coach is much more than just a teacher: They are a mentor, a role model, a person who cares and who can give the kids the support they need to build life skills as well as court skills. The trust that can develop between a coach and a young person can be the bedrock for significant personal growth. For many kids, the basketball court is the perfect place to cultivate the discipline that will help them achieve success in other parts of their lives.  Our dedicated volunteers are the coaches who help these kids develop into role models in their communities.

Basketball is our essential vehicle for getting at-risk kids off the streets and onto our courts and into the programs our charitable partners support.  Our volunteers and sponsored charities are the key to teaching both basketball and life skills. Making lay-ups and jump shots are the easy part, but affecting the behavior of at-risk kids is the difficult part, but for all of us, worth the effort.

Our efforts utilize the influence of role models in the community these kids can relate too.   This relationship is critical to teaching life skills. The educational role our efforts play is proactive rather than reactive, meaning that they bring respect, fun and sport into the lives of these kids who often times come from broken homes and crime ridden neighborhoods.  In some cases our efforts and those of our supported charities provide these kids with the last chance to succeed.

About Us

More Than Just Basketball

The Hoops for Youth Foundation is more than about playing basketball, it’s about supporting kids in our communities.  It’s about helping to provide the next generation of leaders an opportunity to grow and develop in an environment that offers opportunities not barriers.

Through our work, we play an important role in the lives of some wonderful kids who are vulnerable.  It’s through our financial and volunteer support that we are able to help provide a clear path for these young men and women that empowers them to be the next leaders and role models of their generation.

Our goals are simple:

  • Provide leadership to at risk kids

  • Provide financial support to at risk kids

  • Provide mentoring to at risk kids

  • Provide educational opportunities to at risk kids

  • Empower at risk kids to become leaders

  • Provide at risk kids with a chance

These goals are simple, but you would be amazed at the number of kids living in our community who don’t have or aren’t given a chance to succeed.  Through the Hoops for Youth Foundation and all of its volunteers, were committed to playing an active role in helping these kids succeed.

So many of us have been truly blessed with the basic things in life; like a safe environment, nurturing family, good friends, a good education, food to eat, and a safe place to live.  The kids we support are not always this lucky. What we take for granted sometimes are things out of reach for these kids.

With everyone’s help and support we can continue to make it possible for these kids to enjoy the same kind of success.  This isn’t an obligation for any of us, but a basic belief that it’s up to all of us to ensure that ALL kids have a fighting chance.  Success isn’t just for the well to do, but for everyone who wants to succeed.

Foundation Highlights:

  • Awarded more than 25 scholarship to single Mom’s so that they could send their kids to St. Anthony’s;

  • Host an annual coaching clinic for at-risk youth;

  • Host annual youth basketball tournament for at-risk youth;

  • Host an annual food drive;

  • Provide youth mentoring services to at-risk kids in DC;

  • Provide parenting counseling to teenage Mom’s and Dad’s in DC;

  • Host annual toy drive for at-risk kids in DC;

  • In 2013 rebuilt a basketball court in Ward 8 for Horton’s Kids;

  • Scheduled to rebuild 5 more courts in the next five years;

  • Host annual Day on the Hill to teach district students about the value of the First Amendment and becoming active in their community;

  • Created the Jim Lyon’s Youth Scholarship Fund.